The Fullness of Truth Now Available on the Kindle!

The Fullness of Truth is now available for the Amazon Kindle! You don’t actually have to own a Kindle in order to read the Kindle version of The Fullness of Truth. Amazon provides free Kindle Apps for the iPhone, the iPad, the Android platform, as well as their online reader app that works on desktops […]

Grow in Faith During The Year of Faith

Pope Benedict XVI has declared this year (October 2012 to November 2013) The Year of Faith. This year is a great opportunity for Catholics across the world to grow in faith and to share their faith with others. And the year is just beginning. How to Grow in Faith If we are honest with ourselves, […]

Is the Bible Alone Our Sole Authority?

Any meaningful understanding of the theological differences between Catholics and Protestants must begin with a grasp of the far-reaching dissimilarity in the understanding of authority.  Protestants hold that divine revelation comes exclusively through the Bible.  Therefore, they reject the need of any interpretative authority other than the Bible.  This doctrine is expressed by the Latin […]